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If you’ve landed on our Webflow page, it means you’re frustrated with WordPress sites that are too slow, theme-limited, expensive and easily hacked. You’re looking for something that really pops! You may be a new business owner looking to get a website up and running quickly and are curious to know more about Webflow and its benefits. Whatever your requirements are, you’ve landed in the right place because BrandingLab is South Africa’s leading Webflow consultant and development agency. With our speciality in branding and web development, our expert team can guide you to achieving greatness in your business by using Webflow as your platform of choice. 

At BrandingLab, we understand that every business is different, which is why we are dedicated to helping you find the most versatile, flexible solutions to customise your website and all branding material for quality outcomes.


  • An amazing web development tool
  • Allows visual coding
  • Integrated CMS system
  • Powerful landing page builder


You may be wondering what Webflow is and why it’s a great solution for your website. Put simply, Webflow is an alternative choice of website builder, with its competitors being WordPress and Squarespace. However, it comes with a few added features that place it in a league of its own and make it a popular favourite among many people when it comes to website development. BrandingLab is the Webflow agency of choice, with digital expertise to help you build a winning website on this platform. Here’s why we use it:

  1. Less coding, more creativity
  2. Flexibility to customise for client preference
  3. Simple platform for faster results


While other website tools may be kind of one-dimensional in their appeal to web developers, Webflow isn’t like this. Webflow has advantages for both website designers and clients because of its versatility. Let’s take a look…

For You, Our Clients: 

Many clients struggle to visualise what their website will look like, even after looking at a mockup from the agency. This can lead to disappointment and plenty of unnecessary back-and-forth between the client and the design team, making frustration levels go through the roof. With Webflow, you can look at a live prototype of your website so feedback and sign-off can be quicker and easier. It allows real-time changes and more time for SEO, leading to a more valued experience. Enjoy easy CMS, more data security and a faster site.

For Designers:

For designers, Webflow reduces coding input and allows more time for creativity to take its course, which is a big plus for you as our client. It’s not limited to themes like WordPress, and if you do need to import code for a more customised website, this is totally possible too. With no plug-ins needed, there is less specialisation required and more members of our design team can contribute to building fantastic websites for you, which also means a faster turnaround time. Webflow also provides more accuracy in communication and reduces development costs.


  • More room for creativity
  • CMS is easy to use
  • Faster, more secure, stable websites


If you’re considering a more efficient business website, let BrandingLab lead the way as your most trusted Webflow consultant. Over the years, we’ve become an established and highly recommended Webflow agency for small to large businesses and have significant experience with this particular website development solution, not to mention in web design as a whole. Through our experience and high level of expertise in all web development techniques, we can produce an exceptional website or landing page for you using Webflow. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to build a personal profile or a startup wanting a quick, affordable website to get going, or even if you’re a larger conglomerate wanting a sophisticated, customised site, we are the team to handle this for you smoothly and efficiently.

Check out our Webflow portfolio and see how we’ve helped others to achieve their business goals. 


Contact BrandingLab today, the best Webflow agency that creates compelling, fully customised and integrated websites and landing pages that you and your customers will adore.

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