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Somewhere out there is the perfect logo waiting for you, but if you don’t like suspense, we’ll bring your brand identity to life in an eye-catching company logo.

Your company logo is your blueprint, your first impression on the world ‒ it’s like an iconic hairdo. Anyone who sees it will remember it for years and years to come, and so they should! That’s exactly what you want as a brand. For consumers, a brand’s identifying logo is like the first sip of a pumpkin spice latte ‒ they either love it or hate it. So, not to put you under pressure or anything, but your logo actually matters more than you may have thought. Luckily, BrandingLab has all the secret weapons (non-destructive, of course), including creative flair, abundant experience and branding awareness to whip up a lasting logo that both you and your clients will love and remember. 

What makes a good logo design?

What most people find so tricky about logos is that they have to communicate your entire corporate identity in just a few design strokes. There’s no time or space for wordy explanations, and sometimes your logo may be reduced to a size small enough to fit on a pen. So, what exactly makes a good logo?

At BrandingLab, Johannesburg’s leading logo design company, we begin with a one-on-one consultation with you to understand what your brand is all about and what you want to convey to your ideal customer. Then, we blend all the elements of great design and branding to produce a truly appropriate logo ‒ creativity, simplicity, originality, versatility and brand identity. A good logo should include your company colours, any iconic symbols that directly relate to your company, and should not be too complicated or difficult to read and understand. Remember that your logo will likely be used in several different places and platforms, from your website to social media, to tangible products like t-shirts or signage, so it should look equally fantastic in all sizes and all backdrops.

  • Communicates your corporate identity
  • Easily recognisable
  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Simple but creative
  • Versatile

SA's No.1 Logo Design Company!

BrandingLab is a next-generation branding and logo design company that is far above the rest when it comes to projects that successfully bring out the true essence of each client’s corporate identity. With the country's top designers and branding strategists on our team, we will take your business to the next level with effective, timeless logo design. 

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