Sekta Group

Strategy workshop, brand development, logo and corporate identity design. Website design and Brand Launch.

the challenge

The challenge was that the time we had to communicate the takeover to Bidvest employees was extremely limited. The announcement had already been made on the JSE and we had 15 days to develop a campaign and launch it simultaneously country wide to all Bidvest employees in three different languages.

the project

Redec, an industrial service company, made an acquisition of TMS Services a Bidvest company to form a new industrial service group.

The project involved the communication of the takeover to the Bidvest company employees and shareholders, following which, we had to launch the new group which we named Sekta (Sekta is the Swahili word for Industry). A complete brand design was required.

TMS + Redec

The strategy

Redec + TMS Services + You.
Our strategy was to do a soft launch to the employees of the Redec and TMS companies as their buy-in was critical for a successful transition to the new group. The idea was to communicate that the takeover was for the benefit of all concerned and that no jobs would be lost as a result of the takeover.
We used the 'plus sign' as the central element of the initial logo. The intention was to use a simple recognisable symbol that could communicate the idea of a merging of two companies as well as a symbol that could be used for the new group.

Tag Design

Tee Shirts were handed out to all employees on the day of the launch with a promotional tag attached with the new company manifesto


The colours and new symbol are a representation of who Sekta Group are.

The logo is symbolic of the bonding and binding of common purpose – and showing of interconnections;  an overlapping that shows focus; and the straight-forward idea behind the name ‘Sekta Group’ is about the heart of our business. We are a group together for industry.

The Sekta logo keeps to the industry colours of grey and black and carries the tag line of "Let's build it together"

Let's shape it together

On the day of the launch we handed out a brochure which contained a stick of 'Pratley Putty'. All employees were challenged to make something out of the putty. This was to symbolise the idea of TMS and Redec merging as well as the power of working together.

Mobile phones, oxen, power stations and miner's hats were sculptured by the staff

Redec+TMS Brochure


Maintaining the simplicity and straight forwardness of the logo design and brand colour palette our aim was to design a website that would give the Sekta brand credibility and status.

All Sekta really want is the opportunity to get more jobs for our people.


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