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BrandLab was tasked with creating a new website for ForeverLoveStories, a platform dedicated to enabling videographers to monetize their engagement and wedding videos, while also serving as a source of inspiration for other professionals in the field. The goal was to design an engaging and visually appealing website that would attract videographers and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to showcase their work.


To meet the challenge, BrandLab collaborated with the talented Pelumi Ogunshina to design a stunning website using Figma as the primary design tool. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Webflow, the site was meticulously built to ensure a seamless user experience and efficient management of content.

Underlying the website's functionality, BrandLab employed various tools and technologies to enhance its performance and provide a robust infrastructure. One notable tool used was Finsweet Attributes, which allowed for easy video filtering. This feature enables videographers to showcase their unique styles and offerings, making it convenient for potential clients to find the perfect match.

Streamlining the process

To streamline the process of onboarding videographers and managing their content, an Airtable database was integrated into the website. This integration facilitated a simple and user-friendly signup process for videographers, allowing them to efficiently create profiles and showcase their portfolios. Simultaneously, the Airtable database empowered the client to manage and organize the content uploaded by videographers effectively, ensuring a curated and engaging user experience for visitors.

In addition, the team incorporated Finsweet Nobul, a powerful tool that seamlessly synced the Airtable database with Webflow's Content Management System (CMS). This integration ensured that updates made by videographers in their Airtable profiles were automatically reflected on the website, saving time and effort for both the client and the videographers.

WeTransfer for large video files

Recognizing the need for videographers to handle large video files, BrandLab implemented the integration of WeTransfer into the development stack. By incorporating this feature, videographers were provided with a convenient and secure means to upload their high-quality video files. This enhancement not only improved the overall user experience but also ensured that the website was capable of accommodating the specific needs of videographers.

Through the collaboration between BrandLab and Pelumi Ogunshina, the new ForeverLoveStories website successfully addressed the challenge of providing videographers with a platform to monetize their work while offering inspiration to others in the field. The engaging design, coupled with the seamless integration of various tools and technologies, ensured an intuitive user experience and streamlined content management for both videographers and the client.


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