Top 8 challenges to building a brand

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Establishing who you are as a brand.

Building a brand is not always a simple straightforward process and can be as challenging as building the business itself. A brand needs consistent nurturing and awareness throughout the branding journey. Sometimes it comes down to much trial and error before you find what really works for you.

However, there are some common challenges that most bands are bound to face at some point. It helps to be aware of these from the get-go and to know how to prevent them and what to do about them when they do arise.

It is crucial to have a strong start in building a brand. When you have a strong concept for your brand from the get-go, the rest will make sense after that.

  1. Your Brand Has No Story or Personality
  2. Finding your unique place in the mind of your customer
  3. Not Having a Comprehensive Targeting and Positioning Strategy
  4. Letting The World Know Who You Are and That You Even Exist
  5. Establishing Your Brand’s Branding Guidelines
  6. No Accountability or Metrics
  7. Maintaining a Strong Digital Presence
  8. Successfully Dealing with Negative Customer Experience

Your brand has no story or personality

There is so much more too branding than a simple name and a logo. A brand is the personality of your company. You need to establish what your ethics are as a brand and what more you are trying to achieve with your brand than simply adding another product or service to the market.

Finding your unique place in the mind of your customer

You may have many competitors offering the same product or service as you. But what makes your brand different? How do you do things differently? What makes you special? What problem is your brand solving? These are the tough questions that you will have to ask yourself from the start and that you may have to keep asking yourself as you encounter competition throughout.

Not having a comprehensive targeting and positioning strategy

You may have several target markets to reach. Although your branding needs to remain consistent, you need to target each of your markets individually and position your brand strategically within them.

Segmenting your target will make it easier to reach as you can tailor your outreach to different platforms. You will also “divide and conquer”. It is sometimes more effective to target smaller groups of people, giving them more focused attention than a vague message to large diverse groups.

Letting the world know who you are and that you even exist

Building brand awareness is a very significant part of building a brand. It is important that a brand build and maintain a comprehensive branding strategy to stay relevant to your audience.

Establishing your brand’s branding guidelines

When we talk about the “feel”, the “voice” the “personality” of the brand, these may sound like vague and elusive concepts. What a brand needs are a clear and tangible guideline to create this “feel, voice and personality”. Your staff will need a clear set of guidelines regarding customer service, public representation, marketing voice etc. Every element of business conduct will form part of the branding.  experience. This will create a brand consistency-another crucial element to branding. Having a clear set of rules regarding all of these will help the brand to take shape smoothly.

No accountability or metrics

After all your branding efforts, how do you know for sure that they have truly paid off if there are no metrics in place? While sales metrics are pretty straightforward, branding metrics can be tricky as they are generally more qualitative than simply quantitive.

There is no universal metric for branding success because branding is so personal. To assess the success of your branding strategy, you need to know exactly what your brand is trying to achieve beyond the sales figures, and take it from there.

Maintaining a strong digital presence

Your messaging and tone thereof should be consistent throughout all digital and media channels-even if the marketing is segmented, the message should be the same. The frequency with which you post should also have the same consistency.

Marketing is on-going and a major part of branding with digital marketing playing a big role in this day and age. Very often, it is challenging for a brand to sustain a strong digital presence because they fail to realize that marketing should be treated as a whole business entity in itself, not as an after-thought.

Successfully dealing with negative customer experiences

Negative customer reviews and experiences happen to the best of businesses and brands. A bad review does not have to mean the end of your business. Not dealing with these timeously and effectively, however, can be detrimental in the long term. As unpleasant as it is, you need to face the criticism head on if you are to contain it and salvage your brand’s delicate reputation.

The BrandingLab can help you to overcome these branding challenges

Building a brand is not as straightforward as it seems. Like we said, there is so much more to it than logo and name. On-going nurturing is important throughout and it pays to invest in expert help in building your brand. BrandingLab can help to ease the burden of figuring out what to do with your brand when you are at a loss. We offer tailor-made advice and other services to help you to build the best brand you can for your business.

Russel Davis, Brand Consultant