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We help you with every stage of the branding process

What We Do

From the initial concept to a complete branding solution, the BrandingLab team will walk you through every step of the brand design process.

The BrandingLab is a team of experienced brand advisors passionate about branding. We run brand strategy workshops and brainstorms as well as design, write, iterate - sometimes 100's of times, to design the brand that best reflects you and your company.

We are a digital branding service that is based in Johannesburg, but we serve clients internationally. We have helped many brands assess their brand identity and come up with the most effective branding solutions.

Our Services

Brand Strategy Workshops

Half a day, a full day, or two days if necessary, a brand strategy workshop helps you step back from the day to day business and allows you to get to the nitty-gritty of your company's beliefs, purpose, values and personality. Our brand design agency knows which questions are the most important to ask to get a clear idea of your brand’s identity.

Brand Strategy

When your business has a focused brand strategy, all its working pieces generate more preference, loyalty, and appeal for your offering and greater profits to your bottom line. At The BrandingLab, we come up with a customised brand strategy that will help your brand best connect with your target audience and ideal customers and get your brand identity and message out there!

Brand Services

Through the use of logo design, corporate identity, content writing, creating a website and more, we will bring your brand to life. We are one of the very top website design companies in Johannesburg, and our in-house logo makers are some of the very best in the business. Our digital branding agency is here to take your business to the next level!

Why Choose The BrandingLab?

While you may have multiple branding and website design companies in Johannesburg to choose from, we believe that The BrandingLab is your ideal choice when it comes to branding. Our branding experts have a commitment to excellence and pay attention to the little details that can make a good brand great.

When looking for corporate branding companies in Johannesburg, The BrandingLab should be your first choice!

Are you looking for a digital branding service? Schedule a call with us today, and we can discuss how we can create the perfect brand identity for your business! 

Russel Davis, Brand Consultant

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