My Three Favourite Webflow channels to follow and what you will learn.

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Webflow is fast becoming the web design tool of choice for web designers across the world. To date over 1,300 000 million designers are using the no-code design platform. There are 100’s of tutorials and channels to follow. Here are my favourite three.

  1. Flux Academy
  2. Fin Sweet
  3. Payton Clark Smith

Flux Academy

My introduction into Webflow was through Ran Segal and the Flux Academy. I found Ran on You Tube about 3.5 years ago and started following his journey with Webflow. Soon after that I  purchased one of his first Webflow web design courses and i have been working in Webflow ever since.

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Fin Sweet

If Vlad Magdalin Co-Founder of Webflow hadn’t founded Webflow I think these guys would have. Fin Sweet are clearly pushing the boundaries of what Webfow is capable of.

I must admit, I didn’t get Joe Krugs at first, maybe it was because he is from New York.

I started following FinSweet to learn about the hacks they developed to help you do things that native Webflow did not allow you to do but when they came out with Client First which is a set of predefined classes that help designers structure their Webflow sites it was a game changer for me and I think the Webflow community as a whole.

Joe and Raymar run weekly FinSweet Episodes that focus on how to grow your Webflow business, how to find new clients and more.

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Payton Clark Smith

Payton gives a weekly vlog where he gives great tips on how to find new customers, how to scale your business, owning a Webflow agency and more. He also he his own SEO for Webflow course.

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Other Channels to follow

Some of the other channels I follow include:


As the Webflow community grows and grows there will be an ever increasing amount of tutorials and content dedicated to helping you grow and develop on the Webflow Platform.

Russel Davis, Brand Consultant

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