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Sorry just have to vent a little here! I see hundreds of service providers offering cheap website solutions from as little as R500 - R1500. If this providers are able to build websites at this price good luck to them. Unfortunately, customers, in search for a good deal do not know what they are getting when they go the cheap route.

I am currently redoing a site for a large business due to the fact that the current site was not only not maintained properly so its infested with malware but it was never built properly in the first place. The service provider has used images for content, buttons and links. The result being that this site would never be able to rank on Google or be found in search.
Web Design companies that know their craft build sites that not only look amazing, take the customer through a sales funnel but the sites also adhere to rules that help the website rank properly. These rules include H1-H6 hierarchy, Alt Image descriptions, content that is well written, curated images, names sections, meta tags, site responsive and much more.

Russel Davis, Brand Consultant