Identify, Seduce and Play Mind Games - Three essential rules of logo design.

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Rule 1: Identify Don’t Explain

A Logo design should not literally describe every aspect of a company. The logo is an identifier.

Rule 2: Be Seductive with the logo design

Aesthetics and good form can draw the viewer to pay attention. Logos are most successful when they are simple and dynamic.

Rule 3: Allow your logo to play a mental mind game with the viewer

Invite a response from the viewer to provide an answer in his head.

We decided to benchmark a logo we designed against these rules to illustrate our thought and design process when it comes to logo design.*

Eurotech Logo

Rule 1: Identify Don't Explain

The Eurotech logo does obey the above rules of  logo design.

The main symbol is an abstract device. It's not literal. It can represent a clutch plate or a gear or a spinning wheel an element that the target market will identify with, without having to explain every aspect of the company.

Rule 2 &3: Be Seductive and play a mental mind game with your viewer.

The logo design is seductive. The circular forms vibrate and turn on the page creating a strong visual movement which sets up a mental mind game with the viewer.The design is intelligence made visible and this mark/ icon reveals the concepts, thinking and design that goes behind creating a successful logo.


In order for a brand to be easily identifiable in the market, it is essential that you invest in a logo design that will get the attention of your audience. In order to achieve this, there are a number of design rules that need to be considered. Aesthetics, good form and allowing the logo to play a mental mind game are just some of them. Remember design is intelligence made visible.

* This is a completely subjective analysis. (No animals where harmed in this experiment)

Russel Davis, Brand Consultant

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