Five things you need to know about Corporate Profiles.

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What is a corporate profile?

A Corporate Profile, in a nutshell, is a brief description written by that company that introduces that company to the public and provides specific key sets of information about it. A corporate profile is available on request and/or is available on a company website.

Purpose of Corporate Profiles

This concise formal introduction of your company to the public is more than a formality. A well-written and comprehensive corporate profile is an integral part of forming your brand identity and will form a key role in your marketing efforts.

Who reads them?

The typical readers of a company profile include prospective clients/ customers, prospective investors, prospective partners and even media personnel looking to know more about your company.When seeking funding for your business, a company profile will need to be submitted along with your business plans.Needless to say it is worth investing the time and effort into an effective corporate profile as it plays a big part in impressing the people you need to get your business to grow.

Corporate Profile Design for O-Health

What should a corporate profile include?

A brief and clear description of the product or service the company offers

Company History

Key Personnel Profiles.

It is important to know who the key members of your company are. Briefly list their backgrounds, including education and accomplishments. This is also a great opportunity to add a personal touch, reminding the readers that they are dealing with real people they can not only trust, but relate to.

Corporate Governance

This is the more formal part of the corporate profile which with the legalities and technicalities of how the company is governed. I.e. what type of company it is and how it is officially classified.

Corporate- Social Responsibility

Detailing activities the company partakes in to give back to society and its stake-holders, again, adding a human element.

A Mission Statement

Or excerpt thereof to outline the greater vision and purpose of this company.

President or CEO’s Personal Message

Financial Performance

This applies to publicly traded companies, in which financial performance information is made public. Summaries of this should be included in the corporate profile along with insights into trends and forecasts.

A list of accomplishments and milestones the company has achieved.

This is especially effective in areas where the company has broken new ground. Use this opportunity to brag a little. You want to show how your company is different from the rest.

Official Awards or Accolades

Company Culture

This details how the company is run on a day-to day level, the work environment and approach to business.

Tips to Creating An Effective Corporate Profile

Impress but Do Not Alienate

Consider the range of readers from everyday people looking to gain insight, prospective employees on all levels to industry experts looking to partner. It is ok to include high-level information that will appeal to the readers of high levels of expertise in the field, but ensure to do so without alienating those without this. Ensure to include the bulk of the information in layman’s terms.


Even though a corporate profile to a degree is official, don’t feel the need to make it too formal. It is not a business contract. You are speaking to people. Don’t be afraid to infuse personality and even humour. Ensure your corporate profiles  is the one your readers  will remember.

Be Clear

Ensure your company profile still answers the key points listed above clearly.or service provided by the company.

Russel Davis, Brand Consultant

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