A successful strategy for building a brand.

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If you want a successful strategy for building a brand choose the moon.

I call it the JFK Factor

How do you unite a nation under nuclear threat from the Russians?  How do you rally human effort and enormous expenditure into a single-minded project on a national scale? You make a promise about your brand and you deliver. John F Kennedy promised Americans that America would win the space race by putting the first man on the moon. In doing so he united a Nation. In 1969 America took one small step for man, one giant step for mankind.The story goes, that once, Kennedy, whilst visiting NASA, stopped to speak to one of the factory cleaners. Asked if he enjoyed his job working at NASA the factory cleaner responded that his job wasn't sweeping floors his job was to put the first man on the moon.

Brands Transform

Brands transform factory workers into people with a mission to put the first man on the moon. Brands can transform charity workers into people who are preventing world hunger.

A Brand is a promise

Because a brand is a promise, it's the big idea.An ineffective brand can undermine a companies success. A strong brand, as in the case of JFK, can unite a country, win a cold war and put a man on the moon.It goes without saying that if you want your brand to succeed you need to adopt the JFK way of thinking. Its a successful strategy for building a brand.Are you ready to take one big step for 'brandkind'?

Russel Davis, Brand Consultant

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