Brands Mean Ownership.

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What is your brand and why does it matter?

A brand is a visible mark of ownership. Your brand should be saying we own this product or service and most of all, we own the positive contributions it makes to our customer's success. Your brand should be saying we own the outcomes that are produced by its characteristics. Reliability, short lead times, its quality, its support, its maintenance, its competitive pricing are characteristics that a brand needs to own.

What you own

What you own isn't represented by your logo, it's shape, its colours or it's slogans. That's not your brand. Your brand is the sum of all the reasons why a customer should buy from you. That's why your brand is commercially so important.

There's nothing touchy-feely about branding

A brand has real commercial purpose: to create sales, protect margins, and build market share.

- This content is an extract from the book Business-to-Business Marketing by Mark Eardley & Charlie Stewart. Pg 92)

Russel Davis, Brand Consultant