3 Essential must knows for great logo design

Today it's easy to get a logo designed. You can jump onto Fiver and get a logo for $5 or you can even design a logo yourself with websites like FreeLogoServices. Of course, if you want to take the design of your logo and brand seriously you should consider investing time, effort and money it takes to have a logo designed by a professional.

A professional designer will take the following five things into consideration when designing a logo. Alina Wheeler -  Designing Brand Identity, writes that the brain perceives shape and colour before content.


The brain acknowledges and remembers shapes first. Visual Images can be remembered and acknowledged directly,  while words have to be decoded into meaning. Since a distinctive shape makes a faster imprint on memory, the importance of designing a designative shape is imperative in design identity. Think about the Nike Swoosh, The Mac Donalds "M", Mercede's three pointed star and Apple's Apple. These are just same examples of logos with distinctive shapes.


Colour is second in the sequence of recognition. Colour can trigger an emotion and evoke a brand association. Distinctive colours need to be chosen carefully, not only to build brand awareness but to express differentiation. Think about Ferrari's "Red", MTN's "Yellow", Standbanks " Blue" and Nebank's "Green". All of these colours have an instant association with their brands.


A well-designed logo needs to engage the viewer in a mental mind-game. The logo is an identifier, not a communicator. It is the shorthand for everything the brand stands for and it, therefore, needs to engage the viewer in a way that is clear and memorable.

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