“Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it.” –Salvador Dali

We design beautiful, functional websites and build memorable brands

A website needs to be a frictionless tool of engagement

Having a strong web presence is an integral part of your business strategy. A website is more than just a portal of information, it is, first and foremost, the frontline of your business.

Besides your website building credibility for your business, serving as a silent salesman as well as a platform for information or as a tool to drive sales your website needs to offer an experience, because businesses today don't differentiate on product or price but on experience.

It should, therefore, come to you as no surprise that there is more to building a website than buying a WordPress theme and adding your own content or building a free website with Wix.

Factors such as the goal of the website, your website audience, what the brand message will be, your competition and the site implementation are all carefully considered when we plan your website strategy, design and production.

The agony and pain of a underperforming website

The white screen of death, error connecting to database, SEO optimisation needed, plugin conflicts, WordPress upgrade needed, plugin upgrade needed, malicious content, server down you have heard it all before!

Because your website is the frontline of your business there is nothing more frustrating then an underperforming website.

Under performing sites besides are extremely frustrating for visitors to the site who experience sites that are either slow, or not functioning at all.

The underperforming site also leads to frustration amongst staff and management. The site incurs more costs as one struggles to resolve the various issues that cause the site not to perform.

Introducing Webflow - a web design platform that is fast, reliable and easy to manage.

Webflow is powerful new website development platform offering designers creative freedom while at the same time providing a dynamic content management system that is easy to use with secure hosting.
We have chosen Webflow as our web design tool of choice as it is the most comprehensive design platform without any of the limitations that cause a site to under perform.


Brands make sense. Sense makes Rands, Dollars, Pounds, Yen....

The most successful brands have a strong relationship with their audience, and a clear understanding of who they are and the values they stand by. These are the brands that audiences gravitate too.

To build a successful brand you have to be doing essentially one thing. That is solving a problem for your customers. If you not solving a problem you are just another commodity competing on price.

The BrandingLab has over 12-years of experience helping our clients to identify what is unique about their businesses or services, identify what problems they are solving for their clients and how to communicate that message effectively.