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The Challenge

Redec acquired TMS Services a Bidvest company to form a new industrial service group. The project involved announcing to Bidvest company employees and shareholders the takeover, as well as launching the new company, which we named.

Our Solution

Brand Naming

When establishing a brand that will be known globally or even on a local scale companies must always be sure that their name falls in line with the ideals, values and beliefs they stand for. Naming is very complicated because it must reflect what the company stands for as well as appeal to consumers and their emotions.

A great name communicates from the start and can have a positive impact on customer interactions and buying decisions.

The name Sekta which means 'Industry' in Swahili was the result of a full-day strategy meeting in which we interrogated all aspects of the brand.

Logo Design

Our solution was to design an identity for a new group that could be merged from TMS and Redec with the idea of a 'plus' symbol. Redec+TMS.

For our logo, we used the plus symbol. Which later formed part of the new icon once the group was Sekta Group was established.

The slogan 'Let's Shape it Together' was used to further communicate that the aim of the takeover was amicable.

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