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Our world and environment are always changing but not our need for play. PlayOn offers solutions that evolve and adapt so that the benefits of play can be provided and made possible for all children everywhere.



PlayOn's challenge was that they were firstly trading under two names Geppetto's World and PlaySoft.
Some customers associated them with Geppetto's World and others with PlaySoft which was one of their products. They also had not positioned themselves as a brand. They were being defined by the products they manufactured. Outdoor products like jungle-gyms, play products for physios and toys. They were all over the place in terms of their brand offering.


The project was to simplify and consolidate their messaging into a single brand offering. Customers need to know they are dealing with one business, not two. Customers also need to know what that business offers that is meaningful to them. If your only offering is that you manufacture different types of play equipment your customer can find similar products anywhere and at a cheaper price.

PlayOn Logo Design

The logo for PlayOn was designed with the objective of creating a symbol that would be identified with 'Play'. We wanted the logo to represent not just kids play but play from ages 0-100. The logo also needed to adapt easily to PlayOn's different products such as PlayOn, PlaySoft and Play Therapy.