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The aim of the website was to further promote Bennetts as a trusted brand in the Baby Products Market. The concept of new website for Bennetts For Babies was to highlights the journey that a mother takes from pregnancy too childbirth and beyond and how Bennetts products are part of that journey.


Bennetts for Babies is a family name in the Baby Product Market. Bennetts uses their website to educate expecting and new moms about pregnancy and childbirth and how their products can be trusted to be with them along this exciting journey.

It was with this in mind that our concept for the site was to take expecting and new moms along this journey. From pregnancy 'The Bump' to 'New Beginnings' and 'Taking Care of Mom' all the way too 'Sniffles and sleepless nights'. Each stage of the journey discusses what an expecting or new mom may be experiencing at that stage and what Bennetts for Babies products would be appropriate to use for example Nipple Cream for expecting moms and Eezi Breath for 'Sniffles and Sleepless Nights.'