Sekta Group Brand Concept, Design and Application

The Sekta Group Brand Project was initiated when Redec bought out the Bidvest company TMS Solutions. The project included a business branding strategy, a rebranding of both companies, a launch event and launch event.

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The Challenge

The challenge was that the time we had to communicate the takeover to Bidvest employees was extremely limited. The announcement had already been made on the JSE and we had 15 days to develop a campaign and launch it simultaneously country wide to all Bidvest employees in three different languages.

Redec, an industrial service company, made an acquisition of TMS Services a Bidvest company to form a new industrial service group.

The Project

The project involved the communication the takeover to the Bidvest company employees and shareholders, following which, we had to launch the new group which we named Sekta (Sekta is the Swahili word for Industry). A complete brand design was required.

The name Sekta which means 'Industry' in Swahili was the result of a full-day strategy meeting in which we interrogated all aspects of the brand.

Our goal: Communicate that Sekta is a new industrial force.

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