B&S Geo

Developed brand strategy for B&S Geo. Designed new identity and website.

the challenge

B&S Geological had a problem. The company were resellers of Mine mapping software that they bought from an Australian company. The problem was that the Australian company had planned to take back the reselling rights from B&S Geological as it planned to now sell directly to the market.
This left B&S Geological essentially in no-mans-land.

the project

What B&S Geological failed to realise is that the core strength of their company was not the mine mapping software. Their core strength was that they were are team of expert geologists who new how to use the software better than anyone else in the African market.

One branding workshop later, the team had a completely new perspective.

The strategy

Deeper questions. Questions richer results.

The strategy was to position the company as experts in the mining field in that they were not only experts in using the software but they new how to translate the data. They were no longer resellers but problem solvers.

This is how we rock.

We used the game of rock, paper, scissors as an analogy for their business model, as no one aspect is always primary or the better option or makes a winning solution. You play the game with all aspects in perspective, the parameters are not constant. There is no real formula for success other than experience. It’s about a constant process of learning, understanding and refining.

Landing Page

The landing page uses sliders with clever headlines to introduce the user to B&S Geological brand and their unique approach to business

Landing Page Image

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