Branding - where business meets humanity.

A brand is that connection between the needs, hopes and aspirations of a person and a product or service a business provides. When a business positions their brand in a way that it resonates with their customer that brand will be able to build a relationship that extends far beyond a product or service.

That's where the BrandingLab comes in.

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced strategists, content writers and designers that simply deliver. And with experience across multiple categories (from mining and industrial services, technology, healthcare, financial services - and others), in several markets (Africa, Europe, US, Middle East) we bring a different type of thinking to your brand.

We break through the tough stuff and get down to solutions. We love setting big, hairy goals – and then celebrating the wins.

From the brand concept to a completion we believe branding is not simply about how big your logo is. Rather it's about researching, workshopping and strategising the best brand solution that will resonate with your customers and design your brand around that solution. We love designing brands and we design brands that your customers will love.
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Half a day, a full day, or two days if necessary, a brand workshop, helps you step back from the day to day business and allows you get to the nitty-gritty of your companies beliefs, purpose, values and personality.


Boring Companies have boring names. A name is a small packagem with a lot of impact.


When your business has a focused brand strategy, all its working pieces generate more preference, loyalty, and appeal for your offering and greater profits to your bottom line.

Branding Services

Through the use of logo design, corporate identity, content writing, creating a web site and more we will bring your brand to life.

Road Maps

Our SEO road map is an extensive month-to-month project that is dedicated to helping your site rank highly with Google.