4akid E-Commerce

15 000 blog posts plus, over 1000 products and more then 8000 users. This was the challenge that was given to Branding Lab. Our client, 4akid, had an existing online store but needed to migrate it to a platform that would facilitate growing the business through the website. Because the business is primarily an on-line shop, we needed a platform that is easy to navigate, user friendly, responsive, and easy to upscale and maintain.

WordPress with Woo Commerce shopping cart integration was the obvious choice for us. Not only did it allow us to migrate all the content successfully, it also provided easy integration with a dynamic CRM system called Sharp Spring that streamlines the automation and processing of customer information.

Within a two-week period, the site has already seen an increase in sales and traffic, with an average of 3000 visitors since it’s launch on 12 February.